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VertiCalc Online

This innovative sales tool will allow you to accurately and easily compare installation and maintenance costs for different types of pumps. With this software, it is now possible to quickly generate a report which details the overall advantages of installing Vertical In-Line pumps versus base mounted pumps. One-click comparison report generator can be used to create professional reports in excel, ready to print for reference or send to your prospective client.

The savings report includes: physical area, component/piping costs, life-cycle costs, and physical weight savings.

Additional features of VertiCalc include:

  • All popular pump sizes and styles, including Vertical In-Line, dualArm, Horizontal End-Suction, Horizontal Split-Case, and Vertical Split Case.
  • Components, currencies and default costs have been tailored to suit North American, United Kingdom and Indian market users
  • Costs and labor rates are user adjustable to provide further accuracy, depending on current market conditions
  • Save multiple projects and customers, making it easy to quickly view and modify comparisons
  • 3D rendering comparisons between specified and value-added systems
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